With that said, if you were in emotional pain, what would it take for you to begin the process of releasing your pain? What would you release and who would you turn it over to; your family, the Lord, a professional therapist, or keep it inside and deal with it?

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  1. Sheirra Haines says:

    I believe that when we confess with our mouth the weight of our hurt we begin to start the healing process. A lot of people are so hurt and broken and walk around in disbelief about what God can actually do. But we know that healing is God’s territory and expertise. Whatever it is that’s holding us back, keeping us bound and stopping us from opening our mouth is not of God. It just all boils down to, what are we telling ourselves, are we feeding ourselves Truth or lies?

    • William Craig says:

      “As clouds bring rain to cleanse the sky; Pain, Choice, Loss, cloud the mind and then you cry, washing away the debris of life, clouds of pain fade away enhancing your sight, you clearly see the choice that’s right, loss becomes gain love now has space, the eyes of your heart see a bright new day, the ears of your heart hear melodies, dancing and singing now pure and free, no more clouds of the mind your heart now shines, bringing light and warmth to all mankind, shine on shine on, let the love arise, shine on shine on with a heart so bright, shine on shine on light is in your eyes, shine on shine on, with the Love of Christ.” You can Treat yourself to a copy of my new book “21st Century Proverbs of William Craig ” at the website below ” Committed to Fueling Hearts with the Strength of and charging Minds with the Power of Wisdom ”, Emotional pain was a way of life after being Honorably Discharged from the Armed Forces then shot in the head as the victim of a drive-by in my own country I lost, home business and wife You will be extremely encouraged when you read my short Bio on the site,

  2. amenhelp says:

    Thank you, Ms. Haines, for your reply. I agree that until we verbalize and admit the pain we feel and why itis there, there can be no healing. I have found going to the Lord in prayer, telling Him how I fee and why l feel, then asking for a divine intervention gives me hope. And He has never failed me in helping me heal.

  3. Gwendolyn Thomas says:

    I learned along time ago from the word of God says to ” cast my cares upon the Lord ” as the word of God says. That particular scripture tells us that we can cast our cares upon the Lord because it further says that ” He, meaning God ” cares for us, both watchfully and affectionately ! Scripture also tells us that God knows us and cares for us so completely that he even knows the number of hairs we all individually have on our perspective heads ! So if we really believe the word of God or even step out on Faith and even attempt to believe God for WHATEVER we need, He will then meet us where we are and answer our prayer and needs. He has promised that if we have a grain of Faith as small as a mustard seed ( which is infinitely small ) we can have whatever we say !!! So my question to everyone is ” what are you saying”? If you really examine your life, you will find that you probably are getting “just what you are saying” ! AMEN !

    • kathy Thompson says:

      God’s presence is the one thing that brings peace to our storms, answers to our questions, freedom to our minds, and identity to our fractured hearts. We must choose to make ourselves aware of His unending presence in our lives and to bring our pain to Him because He is the healer. You cannot earn His presence; on the cross, Jesus made a way for us to have access to the Father at all times. It’s in the acknowledgment of His presence that He imparts His perspective, causing us to soar above our issues as we find healing in His arms—the safest place we can be.

      -Psalm 27

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